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Our History and Expertise:

Doug M Smith has been a world renowned designer of custom wine cellars and wine storage for over 25 years.  A Founder and Chief Design Architect for the original Apex Wine Cellars Company from 1991 to 2010. During his time at Apex, Doug successfully managed the design and installation of over 20,000 wine cellars in all parts of the world.  Clients from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Dubai, South America, and 50 US States have hired him as the chief wine cellar design consultant for their private home and restaurant projects. 

Doug M Smith has deep roots in the wine cellar industry and is an expert at wine cellar designs and taking a project from initial concepts to beautiful finished wine storage spaces. No matter what the room size or budget, Doug’s creative instincts and natural abilities to uniquely store wine collections always exceed his client’s highest expectations.    

Doug has spent many years consulting for WhisperKool Corp as their Director of Product Development.  This experience has gained him valuable expertise on climate control systems and wine storage temperature for wine cellars. Thus, making Doug’s wine cellar design and wine storage background even more unique within the wine industry. 

In 2012 Doug and wife, Luellen went back to their roots and founded Rhino Wine Cellars and Cooling Systems. This time with a grander vision than ever before, Rhino is able to offer wood and metal racking, cooling systems, wine cellar accessories and more. 

Rhino Wine Cellars and Cooling Systems today shares its wine cellar design expertise and creative concepts with clients around the world, as they create beautiful climate controlled wine cellars, large and small. 

With a passion, Rhino Wine Cellars and Cooling Systems exemplifies an unwavering commitment to create unique and amazing wine cellars that meet and exceed their clients expectations.

Our Mission & Commitment to Service:

To provide quality, attractive, wine cellar products and exceptional, personal service to our customers. Rhino Wine Cellars and Cooling Systems takes great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the wine storage products we sell. 

Rhino Wine Cellars, Your Wine Storage Specialist!

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About Us

Rhino Wine Cellars will turn your wine cellar dreams into a reality.


  • Rhino customizes the cooling system to your specific wine cellar project needs.
  • Traveling and consulting on wine cellars throughout the world, no 

Doug M Smith, President & World Renowned Wine Cellar Designer

Doug M Smith has been a world renowned designer of custom wine cellars for over 28 years.

Rhino will collaborate with you to create a personalized showcase your fine wines.  We provide superior customer service and extensive knowledge in the wine storage industry. No detail is forgotten.

Rhino Saunas


Rhino prides itself on its quality, and supplies the finest materials in our saunas. We make pre-cut and prefabricated Sauna rooms. We can custom make your sauna to fit any size room. You provide the room dimensions and we cut it to size. Our modular prefab saunas are build for easy installation with a simple locking system. Let us design and build your sauna today.

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Testimonials and Reviews


Noah - Woodinville WA

It was great working with Doug at Rhino Wine Cellars. He showed several types of stains and wood samples to help us decide on the perfect racking. We were grateful for his expertise in cooling and have just the right cooling system for our wine collection. Thank you for the excellent customer service!

G. Humphreys - Bellevue WA

Our wine cellar looks great and is truly the highlight of every tour of the house. We appreciate all of your hard work in creating the wine cellar design and installation

Eric - Woodinville WA

We had our wine cellar designed and installed 15 years ago by Apex Wine Cellars, which was subsequently bought by Rhino.  I spoke with Doug and when our cooler started having trouble and I told him we needed a new one (after 15 years), he was doing everything to avoid me having to get it – very much the opposite of a hard sell!  We ordered the new unit and he made a point of coming out the afternoon that it arrived to get it installed before he was going to be out of town for a few days.  Very impressed by the service!

Michael - Seattle WA

I recently worked with Doug and Rhino Wine Cellars on a project where I'm the General Contractor. It was a small space, but the client's desires for the Wine Cellar required numerous revisions for the layout. He listens and helped me work thru this process to bring together a great final product. The client is delighted with the outcome.

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Rhino Wine Cellars and Cooling Systems has the knowledge and experience to help build your perfect wine cellar. We've worked with home owners, contractors, commercial, realtors, etc., and know how to make designs that fit your budget and time frame.

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Rhino Wine Cellars and Cooling Systems. Over 28 years experience of wine storage experience. Rhino will collaborate with you to create a personalized showcase your fine wines.