WhisperKool Ceiling Mount

Ceiling Mount

The WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount split cooling system evaporator was created for you to experience KOOL without seeing it. Your wine should be the center of attention, not the cooling unit.

A Cold Weather Start Kit comes standard in every split system. Split systems can be installed in a variety of ways, and the condensing unit may be located in a mechanical room, basement, backyard, or even a rooftop. The condensing units which WhisperKOOL units use were designed to operate between temperatures of 20°F and 110°F. However, there are some areas in the country which may drop below 20°F in winter. When outside temperatures drop, the pressure in the system drops as well. This presents a challenge, because our systems operate using a pump down cycle and use a low-pressure switch to turn the compressor on and off. However, when the temperature drops below 20°F, the pressure in the system is too low to start the compressor. The cold weather start kit bypasses the low-pressure switch on startup and uses heaters installed on the receiver to raise the pressure and allow the system to start.

The Cold Weather Start Kit enables WhisperKOOL to operate in environments as cold as -20°F.

It is important that the cooling system stays operational during cold weather conditions, as heating the house using the central HVAC system will indirectly increase the temperature of the wine cellar. This kit will ensure that the cooling system will continue to operate efficiently in cold weather environments to maintain an optimal wine storage temperature.


  • A qualified HVAC-R technician is required for installation. Failure to have the system installed by a qualified technician will void the warranty.
  • The use of the 24-volt thermostat conversion kit eliminates the thermostat normally included with the system and allows your contractor to select, purchase and install the thermostat technology of your choice, including but not limited to Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell. By selecting the 24V Thermostat Conversion Kit, you have acknowledged that the system will not be built with the standard WhisperKOOL control or liquid measuring bottle probe. You will have to source and purchase your own 24V thermostat to run the equipment.

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Ceiling Mount Features: 

  • Offers excellent efficiency by drawing in the warmer air which accumulates at the ceiling, cooling and dispersing the air throughout the environment
  • Standard and 24V thermostat options available
  • KDT Digital Controller/Thermostat with 50-ft. cable
  • No ducting required
  • Allows for maximum racking space
  • Includes a pump system to remove excess condensation
  • Includes cold weather start kit
  • The grille of the unit comes with a durable black powder-coated finish, which can be painted to match the cellar

WhisperKool Ceiling Mount Models

Mini Ceiling Mount

Mini Ceiling Mount

Mini Ceiling Mount

WhisperKool Mini Ceiling Mount

500 cu. ft.*


Ceiling Mount 4000

Mini Ceiling Mount

Mini Ceiling Mount

WhisperKool Ceiling Mount 4000

1,000 cu. ft.*


Ceiling Mount 8000

Ceiling Mount 8000

Ceiling Mount 8000

WhisperKool Ceiling Mount 8000

2,000 cu. ft.*


Ceiling Mount Twin

Ceiling Mount 8000

Ceiling Mount 8000

WhisperKool Ceiling Mount Twin

3,000 cu. ft.*


Video - Ceiling Mount System

Check out this great video on the WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount Wine Cellar Cooling System.

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