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Testimonials and Reviews

Traditional custom cellar by Rhino Wine Cellars and Cooling Systems.

Noah - Woodinville WA

It was great working with Doug at Rhino Wine Cellars. He showed several types of stains and wood samples to help us decide on the perfect racking. We were grateful for his expertise in wine cooling systems and have just the right cooling system for our wine collection. Thank you for the excellent customer service. True wine cellar experts!

G. Humphreys - Bellevue WA

Our wine cellar looks great and is truly the highlight of every tour of the house. We appreciate all of your hard work in creating the wine cellar design and installation of the wine cooling systems. Thank you to the Rhino Wine Cellar experts that created our dream cellar.

Eric - Woodinville WA

We had our wine cellar designed and installed 15 years ago.  I spoke with Doug at Rhino Wine Cellars when our wine cooling systems started having trouble. I told him we needed a new one (after 15 years). Doug was doing everything to avoid me having to get it – very much the opposite of a hard sell!  We ordered the new unit and he made a point of coming out the afternoon that it arrived to get it installed before he was going to be out of town for a few days.  Very impressed by the service of Rhino Wine Cellars and their wine cellar experts! 

Michael - Seattle WA

I recently worked with Doug and Rhino Wine Cellars on a project where I'm the General Contractor. It was a small space, but the client's desires for the Wine Cellar required numerous revisions for the layout. He listens and helped me work thru this process to bring together the wine cooling systems and racking to create a great final product. True wine cellar experts. The client is delighted with the outcome.

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