WhisperKool Phantom

The Phantom Series combines powerful cooling capacity with flexible installation options. If space is at a premium in your cellar and you need a powerful, fully ducted unit, the Phantom might be for you. The Phantom’s powerful blowers can be reoriented to the right, left, or top of the unit. This grants you the option of installing the unit in any ducting configuration that best suits your needs, even in limited space. The Phantom’s fully ducted configuration has another advantage: low noise levels in the wine cellar. 


  • Installation by a professional or licensed contractor is recommended.

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Phantom Features: 

  • Numerous ducting options
  • KDT Digital Controller/Thermostat with 50-ft. cable
  • Corrosion-resistant drip tray
  • Black powder-coated paint scheme
  • Suitable for operation in ambient temperatures as high as 110°F

WhisperKool Phantom Models

Phantom 3500

WhisperKool Phantom 3500

800 cu. ft.*


Phantom 5000

WhisperKool Phantom 5000

1,250 cu. ft.*


Phantom 8000

WhisperKool Phantom 8000

2000 cu. ft.*


Specifications & Owners Manual

Download Phantom Specification Sheet and Owners Manual

Fully Ducted Self Contained Phantom Spec Sheet (pdf)


Fully Ducted SC Phantom Owners Manual (pdf)


Fully Ducted SC Phantom 24V Owners Manual (pdf)


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